Technology Void Morale

There are genuine people out there in the world who want to help you earn money, not because they want to steal that money from you, rather they want to help you. Not everyone in the cyber is a hacker, they are people who just want to run a legitimate business by providing services to you which otherwise would not available to you. There is a new technology in the online poker market that is like a substitutes online poker tournament, without the players even knowing. This new technology has been named Technology Online Bots.

The bots are planned to play the odds to the exact calculation made by them. But the problem is that it puts its users to an unfair advantage. It does the playing for the user while the user is away from the computer. The bots can predict future moves, by calculating all the possible future outcomes, thus, giving the user unfair chance at winning the game. The bots can calculate the exact probability of the user winning at any point of time in the game. But there are some sites prohibit these bots or any other form of artificial intelligence robots.

So if you have downloaded these bots, then make should go through the prerequisites of such sites, for they might not allow its usage. But the ongoing argument for online poker bots is that it is just a statistical analyzer and there is no crime against it. In US, usage of such bots is not against the law, but nonetheless it is still not allowed by sites. Users of bots should read the private policy of sites clearly, if it forbids bots and if you happen to use them, then these sites can revoke your right to use their site or to play in their tournaments.

Until and unless your country has a flexible section in their cyber laws and you can enforce such right in the court, you might be able to reclaim your winnings. But the basic flaw with the bots is that they can’t judge something that is fundamental in poker, human emotions. Moreover, these bots provide instant money rewards without having any regard for long-term consequence. You are welcome to visit – WSOP site with lots of information to help you! visit this site now! And do not forget to visit my site again in the future!

Most people come to play poker for the fun of it, it is wrong on the users of bots to take that away from them. Bots may not be able to predict human emotions, but it can generate random patterns of play, a task that is difficult for the human mind and it can calculate odds easily. One may win games by bots, but they lose the fun of winning by playing a legitimate game and winning. Online Poker Bots are infecting the online poker tournaments, which is as good as cheating. Traditionally, tournaments were held to see the chivalry of the competitors and the usage of a cheat code in a tournament is nothing less of an irony. If you want to enter a tournament, enter it only to prove your worth and if you cannot, then give your moral some rest and back-out.

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